a problm with yahoo messenger ver. 7.5 and ver. 8

  science whiz 08:52 06 Aug 06

every when i install it, it runs for the first time. but when i reboot the system if i log in yahoo messenger it displays error message and fails, even if i re-install it, it still nver responds.
is that a problem with the messenger version or! bcause my system is current (PIV 3.0 GHz)!


  Jimmy14 15:48 06 Aug 06

Remove anything to do with Yahoo on your computer then to be sure run something like CCleaner to make sure and the registry cleaner within to remove the current entries in it from yahoo then try and installing it again. It could be because when you keep uninstalling yahoo then installing it again there are still files left over on your hdd. If this doesn't work the only drastic measure I can suggest is to Reload your operating system if you can back all your files up.

  science whiz 15:55 06 Aug 06

i have installed the MySQL, php, and Apache in my PC in drive C: but every when i write the connection string that would give me access to my DB in MySQL, the string cant match the user and the passwor to the system and i dont get the database displayed!

i used

mysql_connect("localhost", "grayson", "mission") or die ("could not connect to database");
mysql_select_db("guestbook") or die ("Could not select database");

can i please get some advice on how to tuckle that!


  Jimmy14 16:00 06 Aug 06

your original thread was to do with messenger services now your posting a new problem in the same thread which doesn't work. I suggest posting a new thread with your database problem or it won't get answered on this specific one.

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