Problems With Win 7

  Ex plorer 16 Mar 12

Hi still struggling with win7 How do I change the color of start menu etc.

Tried right clicking DT and personalize but cant find how to do it.

I also need a good spell checker.

Totally lost without Google bar one step forward and two back at the moment.

My cut copy paste icons are grayed out.

Just like my Laptop IE never worked, and the same on this Dell AIO. its all grayed out when opened the total page. All but the search bar. I have been looking through Google but patience is thin now.

  lotvic 16 Mar 12

Could be the search terms you are using, try copy and paste the below into google:

W7 guide change View Personalize Customize

  Woolwell 16 Mar 12

Right click on the desktop - choose Personalize. At the bottom of that window you should see Window Colour - click on that. That will give you some default colours to play with but if you click on advance appearance settings then you can change as much or as little as you want.

Don't understand why IE is not working. Have you set a home page?

You can add Google taskbar.

Speckie is a good spell checker for IE.

Which browser are you using if IE9 isn't working?

  lotvic 16 Mar 12

"My cut copy paste icons are grayed out" Could be:

cut copy - You have not selected anything

paste - there is nothing on Clipboard

  Woolwell 16 Mar 12

Cut paste icons in which program?

  Ex plorer 17 Mar 12

Woolwell thanks yes its Colour that I was looking for to make adjustments tried every thing on the left of the screen but not what was bang in front of me.

IE 9, Bing was not correctly loaded sorted that and IE is now working.

Lovetic (Fire-fox 11 shaded out cut copy paste), oh boy I hadn't selected anything long job reloading a new PC into 3rd day now.

I have now loaded Google bar to IE and that's got a fine spell checker.

It was for Fire-fox 11 i needed a good spell checker as I prefer to stay up to date with latest version or at least try it out.

Shame theres no update for google bar with FF 11

Sorry for not been informative about programs etc. but I do appreciate your feed back and keeping me right.

  Woolwell 17 Mar 12

Spell checker for Firefox British English Dictionary

  Woolwell 17 Mar 12

I think that you will find that Speckie is better than the Google toolbar for spellchecking as you type in IE9.

  buteman 17 Mar 12

Type Problems into the start bar and scroll through them till you find the one that you need.


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