Problems with USB2 cutting out.

  starlet 13:43 01 Feb 04

I have been having prob's with the usb2 cutting out, if I use my printer I lose my mouse, If I use a usb keyboard, if I use the mouse,I lose the keyboard , I was told I needed to Flash my bios the M/B is a ASrock K7S8XE my version is 1.1 the newer version is 1.8 I have now flashed okay and is updated to 1.8,but I still have the problems with the USB cutting one or the other out.
any helpfull advice please?

Regards Starlet

  jimv7 15:46 01 Feb 04

Use a separate self powered hub, you are drawing more power than your psu can supply to the mobo usb.

  starlet 15:25 05 Mar 04

Have installed powered hub, still same problem, now I am trying keyboard and mouse with ps2 still same I lose mouse and keyboard have to reboot and then works okay, anyone have any ideas what to do next?


  Big Elf 15:43 05 Mar 04

If you have a VIA chipset then the VIA Hyperion drivers might help click here

Did you install any USB 2.0 drivers?

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