Problems uninstalling

  Dazwm 19:28 22 Jun 03

I am trying to uninstall programs to free up space but when I try to uninstall Partition Magic an error occurs saying:- severe unable to load DLL.

Also programs I have deleted in the past are still in the add/remove programs listings.

How do I sort this out please.

  PA28 19:52 22 Jun 03

You don't say what Operating System you are using, but for Win98 (at least - probably similar for the others) don't worry too much if programs that you have removed are still shown in the add/remove listings. If you try to remove it again it probably won't find it. TweakUI will allow removal if you find this irritating.

Now I don't have in depth knowledge of Partition Magic, except that I know that what it does is kind of fundamental to the state of your hard drive. Is this why it won't uninstall? If not, then your error message seems to indiacte that it can't find a .dll file it needs to uninstall - a problem that I have solved in the past many times (but not with PM!) by reinstalling the application (and thus replacing any missing or damaged files) and then uninstalling it.

  BondMI-6 19:56 22 Jun 03

Hi Dazwm,

I'm not sure why partition magic shouldn't uninstall but as for the listings in the add/remove programs list, if you have already uninstalled the program, then just highlight the entry and click uninstall. The computer should tell you that it is already uninstalled and ask you if you want to remove the entry. Alternatively download Tweak UI from Microsoft, which will do the whole process for you. It's also handy for other things. Good luck with Partiton Magic.

  Dazwm 19:59 22 Jun 03

I am running XP Pro

  Belatucadrus 20:08 22 Jun 03

click here for Smart uninstaller, not only useful for removing things, can tidy up the Windows add/remove list.

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