Problems trying to use Skype

  ponytail 10:36 31 Jan 14

I just went to use Skype to send my brother a photo and the Skype icon in the taskbar has disappeared could not see a Skype icon on my desktop and there always was one on there and it was not listed in all programs.Went into google selected Skype login so logged in but cannot see my contacts lists or any previous messages even though I was talking to my brother on there on Wednesday and also sent him a message that day as well.How do I get Skype back surely I don't need to create a new account as already have one so why does my contacts list not appear

  MelisaStewart 11:01 31 Jan 14

While you begin with skype, make sure that there is not a problem with Skype at that moment. you can check the same by checking the Heartbeat blog to see how Skype's products and features are performing. Skype cannot help with SIP-enabled PBX problems. If you’re experiencing issues with your PBX, contact your PBX manufacturer for more help.

  ponytail 11:25 31 Jan 14

I have just been on Skype's live chat and they were very helpful and the problem has now been resolved.Would highly recommend anyone with Skype problems to use this facility.Thanks for responding appreciated

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