Problems at startup

  Andrew-C 12:56 23 Mar 04

When I turn on my computer, it starts to go through the first page where it checks CMOS settings. The computer says:

CMOS settings wrong
CMOS memory size wrong.

It then gives me options to enter setup or to continue startup - by continuing startup i get through to windows but the clock is always reset to 00.00 and i need to reinstall hardware drivers.

Is there anything i can do to sort this out?

Thanks a lot


  Andrew-C 12:57 23 Mar 04

Fortgot to say - it's Win 2000 that i'm running

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:57 23 Mar 04

Sounds like mobo battery needs changing.


  keith-236785 14:08 23 Mar 04

i would agree with  ÑÌÇKÑÂMË, the motherboard battery is normally a round battery about the size of a 20p piece (i think the number is CR2030 OR CR3020) All you need to do is go buy one, flip out the old one with a small screwdriver and push the new one in. (make sure to switch off the power to the pc first just to be safe)

these batteries are available at PCWorld and Staples (but you will pay over the top from these shops about £3-4), if you have a small local computer shop, then you would probably pick one up for about a pound. if you have trouble finding one, send me a self addressed stamped envelope and i will send you one FOC.

good luck

  Andrew-C 14:13 23 Mar 04

Thanks very much both of you. Will give it a try.


  medicine hat 14:23 23 Mar 04

If that doesn't work, enter the BIOS and go into ADVANCED SETUP and reconfigure the DRAM TIMING CONFIGURATION. Set it to "Safe" option. You may then have to re-configure the L2 Cache to "Enable" and Onboard PCI IDE to "Both".

Your mobo isn't an ECS K7S5A is it?

  Andrew-C 16:33 23 Mar 04

the mobo is an ECS P4S5A 1.0. I'll give the battery a shot first, then have a go at your suggestion Medicine

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