problems with shutdown

  woodburner 18:05 01 Oct 07

My computer ,which is nearly new ,is running XP. I am forever having trouble with shutdown, frequentle this shows a "lookup card" but often it says "progtamme not responding"
My AVG antivirus says it updates eash time I go on line, I have recently run a full system check.
I hope someone can help, many thanks in advance

  STREETWORK 18:11 01 Oct 07

A defrag of the hard drive may cure this.

Often it is caused by buggy windows updates failing to install properly.

If defrag does not help try and roll back using system restore to a time when the problem did not exist.

Post back...

  FreeCell 18:13 01 Oct 07

Can be a number of issues.Clearly something is not shutting down. Does message say what?

Start by looking at
click here for help. Come back if more needed.

  mfletch 18:15 01 Oct 07

Hi, Have you a mass storage device connected?

eg/ Camera/ phone/ external hard drive

If yes disconnect them and try again,


  Snec 18:55 01 Oct 07

Or you could use End-It-All prior to shutting down. Free from click here

  woodchip 18:59 01 Oct 07

To find the Problem, Self Help. Go to Start\Help\Troubleshoot Start-Shutdown Problems

  woodburner 18:29 14 Oct 07

Many thanks for advice, I have delayed replying to see if fix is permanent, it seems that the systems restore did the trick
Thanks again

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