Problems playing dvds

  WtheM 09:40 25 May 07

just got a new pc. With my old laptop, if I recorded a prog from the tv with my dvd recorder, I could play this on the laptop. The new pc won't play them. Also. I have some home movies on dvd and it wont play them either.
Any ideas please??


  Sheik Yerbouti 09:55 25 May 07

Which OS and which Media Player?

  MAJ 09:59 25 May 07

It's possible you don't have the correct codecs. Download and install the K-Lite Codec Pack, it should contain all the codecs needed to play your videos. click here

  WtheM 09:59 25 May 07

Vista premium with the windows media I need a dedicated dvd player.........??!!!

  WtheM 10:09 25 May 07

MAJ, any idea which pack, please? There are a few to choose from.......

  Sheik Yerbouti 10:14 25 May 07

As far as I know vista premium comes with dvd playback funtionality, but the quality is allegedly poor. Do as MAJ says and get the correct codecs, or buy Power DVD or Nero Showtime.

  MAJ 10:15 25 May 07

The Standard Pack is usually sufficient, WtheM, but I have the full pack installed and just about everything I've tried so far has played without problems.

  MAJ 10:21 25 May 07

Also install VLC Media Player click here, WtheM, it's quite a good little player, and can play some of the weird formats other media players can't. Useful thing to have installed.

  anchor 10:25 25 May 07

According the MS, only Vista Home Basic, Vista Business & Vista Enterprise, should need a codec.

  WtheM 10:39 25 May 07

Downloaded the codecs. but still no joy......

  MAJ 11:29 25 May 07

What's happening when you try to play the DVD, WtheM? Did you download VLC player, I mentioned it in my last post?

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