Problems with PDF's

  Skinn 13:28 26 Jan 07

I recently upgraded to the latest version of Acrobat but cannot open files automatically. I have to right click>save link as>download to desktop and then open the file from there. Anyone know why this is the case?

Also, I constantly have a problem sending PDF's via email. I've tried dragging and dropping and various other ways such as cut & paste but when I go to send the message ' Cannot find file' pops up and sure enough the file is not recognised/found when I try to open it from the attachment. Sometimes when I first attach the file it works but by the tiem i have typed the email it doesn't - any views on this?

  skidzy 15:22 26 Jan 07

You could try Foxit click here

  FreeCell 15:38 26 Jan 07

There have been some updates for Acrobat Reader 7. Have you updated to the latest version?

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