Problems with PDF docs with Firefox

  Daisy22 16 Aug 12

I recently changed to Firefox as I was having problems with google chrome.

So far so good but I am having a problem with adobe files. When I want to save a PDF file, the little menu comes up at the bottom, ie print, save, increase/decrease size of text etc. when I want to do something like save or print nothing happens.

In Chrome I didn't have this problem so I assume it is a firefox problem.

Any suggestions please?

  Nontek 16 Aug 12

Have you tried clicking on File at top-left in Adobe and then choosing 'Save as'

  Nontek 16 Aug 12

You should also be able to Print from the same File>Print.

  Daisy22 17 Aug 12

It's adobe reader x which I think I've just updated to could this be the problem?

"Have you tried clicking on File at top-left in Adobe and then choosing 'Save as'"

I don't see this in the top left corner so am confused

  Nontek 17 Aug 12

Foxit PDF

Hmm, perhaps you would be better with Foxit (free), though google chrome and firefox are just Browsers and should not make any difference when using a PDF program.

  Daisy22 17 Aug 12

Thanks Nontek, I tried Foxit and in Firefox have the same problem.

However in chrome the little menu box at the bottom works allowing me to save/print/ etc.

It's a pity my problem with google chrome stops me from using it (I posted on another thread about this).

Maybe I have to learn to accept FF for some things and chrome for others??

  Nontek 17 Aug 12

Well as long as you can do what you want to, I guess that is it.

I use FF as my main browser, but do use IE9 for some things which don't work as well in FF.


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