Problems with NSIS

  NewRoyWidd 22:19 26 Mar 06

Hello,I'm trying to help a friend in America with downloading some video codecs and a player,but each time he tries he gets the following message;
The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete.
This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a virus.
It's an nsis error apparently,he's on XP but isnt sure which version.
Has anyone any ideas please on how this can be resolved?I'll look for any replies in a while,because I have to go out.I should add that at present he can't update his Norton anti-v.
Many Thanks.

  NewRoyWidd 23:01 26 Mar 06

I'm back now,and would greatly appreciate any help offered with this problem.

  VoG II 23:04 26 Mar 06

Whhich version of Windows is he using?

  NewRoyWidd 23:08 26 Mar 06

Hello VoG,he's on XP,but not being computer literate,and on a family pc also,he's unsure of which edition of XP.My apologies for being so vague.

  NewRoyWidd 02:33 27 Mar 06

Any more ideas on this please?Will check later today.
Many thanks.

  remind 06:03 27 Mar 06

What player is your friend trying to download, or does the same occur no matter what program is downloaded? If the latter is not the case ZoomPlayer click here or BSPlayer (click here) basic versions are both free, FFDShow (click here) may help with the codec aspect.
Any error messages from Norton?

  NewRoyWidd 10:03 27 Mar 06

Hello,thank you for your reply;The problem occurs no matter what program he tries to download.
From what I can see of NSIS on google,it seems to be related in some way to Winamp,being the installer they use.
Any ideas please on a workaround for this?Please bear in mind though that my friend is 6 hours behind us,and it will take time to get any more info from him.I will ask if Norton has flagged up any errors.
I'll check for replies later today,many thanks.

  remind 11:54 27 Mar 06

Not all programs use NSIS, ask him to give the other programs I listed a try. Or try using CCleaner click here to clear out any damaged/old/temporary files and try the installation again. Delete & re-download the file again too.

  remind 12:12 27 Mar 06

This thread may be useful for the Norton problem; click here

  NewRoyWidd 12:14 27 Mar 06

Thank you for that,yes I'll do that tonight when he comes online.
I'll get him to run CCleaner first,then to have a go at installing the programs you suggested one at a time.When you say delete & reload the file,I take it you mean the prgrams he was trying to install,or do you mean CCleaner?
I'll check back in a while.

  NewRoyWidd 03:46 28 Mar 06

Hello,apologies for the delay in getting back to you.
I think all is well now,he downloaded Zoomplayer basic,also FFDShow,without any problems.I'll get him to run CCleaner in due course.
My American friend sends his grateful thanks for all your help with this,as do I.Also I've added to my knowledge by learning about NSIS.
Many thanks.NRW

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