Problems with a new custom PC

  simeondorelov 20 Jan 12

Hello :)

I recently bought myself new parts for my PC and this is what came out of it in the end:

CPU: Core i7 2600k GPU: Asus ENGTX570 Mobo: Asus P8Z68-v PRO PSU: Corsair CX1050 HDD: 3x 1 TB Different drives RAM: DDR3 8GB Dual Channel

I am really happy with the setup and the pure speed of that i7, but ever since the upgrade the computer has been completely useless. Almost all applications fail or crash in some way !

iTunes and Safari don`t even bother to start Firefox starts but crashes shortly afterwords BS Player crashes when you try to play BitCommet crashes when you try to delete a task Opera crashes when you try to use plug-ins (flash) NFS The Run crashes when you are reset in the game Total Media Theater crashes on startup On the other hand Photoshop starts whenever it feels like it but that`s not related, I think.

So I end up with an extreme PC (as I see it at least) that can`t handle daily stuff !?!?!?

I really hope that someone will help me with this before I go crazy ! ;) I just can`t see what they all have in common.

Anyways, thanks in advanced!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20 Jan 12

Op system?

W7 32 or 64bit?

do you have the correct drivers for your system?

  robin_x 20 Jan 12

What OS are you using (and 32 or 64 bit)?

Did you do a clean install? Where did you get all your drivers from? And the apps? Did you just swap the HDD?

  simeondorelov 20 Jan 12

Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

I kept my hard drives and just installed all the necessary drivers for the new tech!

  robin_x 20 Jan 12

I'd suggest re-installing W7 not just the drivers.

  robin_x 20 Jan 12

And all the apps (redownload latest setups if necessary)

  Snrub 20 Jan 12

Have a look in Event Viewer to identify faults.

  simeondorelov 20 Jan 12

Event viewer:


last hour: 2

24 hours: 147

7 days 18599

  Snrub 20 Jan 12

But what are the errors is there any commonality?

  simeondorelov 20 Jan 12

I browsed around the event browser a bit and most Application Errors list as "Path to the module with errors" different dll files in syswow64 and other windows folders.

is this the problem ?

  simeondorelov 20 Jan 12

If so can i use a dll fixer or something to make it easier or do i need to swap the manually. Either way would quicker and easier than reinstalling, believe me!


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