Problems with Microsoft Outlook

  Squirrel1 16:19 20 May 12

During ongoing issues with a nasty email problem (seprate post), I have given up with Mozzilla Thunderbird and have now setup Microsoft Outlook on my freinds PC. This seems to have solved some issues, but one still remains.

Start Outlook and it fetches emails from GoogleMail's server ok, open the email and that seems fine, until you click on any web content within the opened email. I then get a message saying that the action has been canceled due to restrictions on the PC. I have not setup any restrictions.

Any suggestions please....I will post a YouTube Video if need be, but I must sort this out.

  compumac 17:34 20 May 12

I had a similar problem some couple of years ago wherein I was using Outlook (not Outlook Express) for my BT e-mail and incorporated Sky e-mail. It functioned with the Sky e-mail initially and then started to come up with error messages similar to yours. I removed the Sky e-mail account from Outlook and it functioned OK. I associated the problem that that being a Microsoft product it would not allow the integration of A N Other product. With regard to google-mail I have that as a separate entity to Outlook and do not have a problem.

  Woolwell 19:29 20 May 12

I use Googlemail with Outlook without any problem what so ever.

Need yo know which version of Outlook and what your default browser is.

  Woolwell 19:30 20 May 12

Posted too soon - are you trying to open links from the e-mails?

  Woolwell 19:33 20 May 12

"I associated the problem that that being a Microsoft product it would not allow the integration of A N Other product" - Not quite correct. It depends on what is being opened. Sky should have worked fine with Outlook. Outlook is one of the more secure e-mail clients. You cannot send or open exe files and the workround is top zip them

  Woolwell 19:36 20 May 12

This may be the solution that you want MS Support

  Squirrel1 21:57 28 May 12

Thank you all, for your help. The solution privided by Woolwell done the trick.


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