Problems with Maxblast 3

  Bowsprit 14:31 22 Jun 04

When i try to run this file it won't open and "Send report to Microsoft" appears.This is what is shown under the Technical Details in report:- C:\Doc.and Set.\name\Local Settings\Temp\WER4.temp.dir00\accompat.txt. Does anyone know what the problem is.

  byfordr 14:41 22 Jun 04

Don't you need to save it to floppy?

  Bowsprit 14:54 22 Jun 04

This is the download thats used on computers that already have an OS.It's over 3MB.I suppose i can download the floppy one and use it if i disable existing disks.

  sicknote 14:59 22 Jun 04

Maxblast 3 is for installation and partioning of maxtor hard drives,It is downloaded to H/D and then to floppy disc.

  sicknote 15:03 22 Jun 04

Maxtor 3 Bootable cd click here

Maxtor3 Bootable floppy click here

  SEASHANTY 16:06 22 Jun 04

Maxblast 3. How to install and use for Maxtor hard
drives click here

  hugh-265156 16:19 22 Jun 04

i just used it a few weeks back to transfer everything from my old drive to my new maxtor and the first download i tried was the floppy version. it didnt work(gave me an error saying could not find X:/L.bat on the floppy even though it was) but the windows version worked ok for me.

windows version click here

  Chegs ® 17:06 22 Jun 04

When MaxBlast gave me trouble,I found a post stating the software isn't happy if you use an NVidia graphics card.I used to get a "General Protection Fault" error.

  Bowsprit 17:46 22 Jun 04

I managed to use a Maxblast floppy on the new disk after i disconnected power from the other disks.You could be right about the graphics as i have NVidia on this computer and it would not run on another which has a NVidia card as well.Pity it wouldn't work with the bigger Maxblast download as you can do a lot more with it.Thanks for the pointer about NVidia.

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