Problems managing two windows on the computer

  xandering 09:52 06 Jun 15

Hello. I have 2 windows installed on two discs. In System Configuration Boot tab, it says I only have one windows which is on my C drive. Both Current OS and Default OS.

In Disk Management, in the Status column, it says that C: windows is my Boot, and my D: windows is my System. Im not sure how it happened.

If I restart my computer and go to boot manager, and choose the C: drive windows, it gives me a "Boot mgr is compressed" error, while if I choose the D: windows, it goes in alright (even though, it stills uses my C: windows).

This is all hella confusing for me. I want to remove the D: windows so I only have one but with all this mess Im unsure of what to do.

Any advice?

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