Problems with iexplore.exe

  MichaelF 18:28 13 Jul 06

Sometimes the speed of my PC slows down dramatically.
A quick check on Windows Task Master shows that 50% of CPU activity is on iexplore.exe
But it does not seem to do anything. I understand this is a windows programme that I need to use the internet.
But why does it suddenly decide to start doing something. Usually my CPU is showing about 5% usage.
I have a Pentium 4, 3.40 ghz. 1.00gb of ram.
I am running Windows XP
Any ideas?

  SANTOS7 18:36 13 Jul 06

click here
iexplore.exe is not necessarily a windows conponent
it has many guises, the way you have spelt it (IMPORTANT) may relate to the link...

  skidzy 18:38 13 Jul 06

Firstly check for spyware/malware ...use the top 5 weekly with updates click here

Hope this helps

  skidzy 18:42 13 Jul 06

Also meant to say,run your AV too.

  MichaelF 19:09 13 Jul 06

I have a virus checker that updates and runs every night.
I have ad-aware, skybot, spyware blaster/guard and windows defender.
I update them regularly and run them.
It odesn't seem to solve my problems. I have just rebooted my PC and iexplore.exe is no longer appearing and everything is fine - until the next time.
I clicked on the link suggested by Santos7 and it came up clean, although it's a bit scary how much information is picked up.

  Stuartli 19:14 13 Jul 06


click here

click here

In the IE folder in Programs it is listed as IEXPLORE.EXE i.e. not in lower case.

  SANTOS7 19:14 13 Jul 06

It odesn't seem to solve my problems. What other probs do you have?.

  SANTOS7 19:17 13 Jul 06

in task manager it is actually listed as "explorer.exe" so the spy/malware theory gains momentum...

  Stuartli 19:17 13 Jul 06


click here

You could try a Repair of IE:

click here

  MichaelF 19:42 13 Jul 06

EXPLORER.exe (uppercase) is shown in Task master it uses about between 14500k and 25000k of memory but only evershows at about 2/3% of CPU
iexplorer.exe (lowercase) is also shown in Task master but with memory usage of 45000k. At the moment the CPU usage is zero.
I have done a search for iexplore and found 2 instances.
IEXPLORE.EXE - in windows\prefetch
iexplore.exe in windows\servicepacks\i386
I am running internet explorer Version 6.0.2900.2180.xpsp.sp2
I will try and keep a check on when it starts to grab CPU and see what else is happening.

  skidzy 19:47 13 Jul 06

Have you run Ewido as suggested in my link click here it will find Malware etc others do not find,if it exists on your pc ?

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