Problems with Home Networking and Routers

  mthompson89 17:18 29 Apr 06

I have a wireless router set up with my pc connected to it using a PCI Adapter.

I want the my PC to connect to the internet.

I have connected to the network but it says "Limited" or "No connectivity".

PLEASE, could anyone help?

  ICF 18:02 29 Apr 06

Is there a long distance between the two things?

  ICF 18:37 29 Apr 06

Why don't you use the forum instead of sending emails then more people can help you.I don't mind but using the forum will get you a wider and hopefully quicker response.

  ICF 18:40 29 Apr 06

Have you set up your PCI wireless card using the wizard.

  ICF 18:41 29 Apr 06

What type of router and card is it?

  mthompson89 18:46 29 Apr 06

Its a Netgear router and a ralink wireless lan card. I set up my PCI using the disk i got with it.

  ICF 18:50 29 Apr 06

Have you got any security like WEP set up?

  mthompson89 18:52 29 Apr 06

yeah i have a WEP Encryption

  ICF 18:59 29 Apr 06

Have you made sure the key is the same for the router and PCI card.My router and card require you to put the key in a differently.The router you have input the key with a space between the numbers and the numbers are repeated for a 128 key like 1234567891234 you input it like 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 11 22 33 44 but on the router you don't.

  ICF 19:14 29 Apr 06

Can you not connect your PC to your router with ethernet cable?

  mthompson89 19:36 29 Apr 06

no its to far. The best thing to do is probably get someone to look at it.

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