problems getting into Hotmail

  Rebanut 16:05 28 Sep 03

I have this problem with Hotmail where it sometimes just wont come up at all and more often I get into hotmail and see I have 14 mails in my inbox but it wont open any of them, it just seems to have seized up as it were and nothing I try seems to help, any suggestions please.

  john-232317 16:09 28 Sep 03

probably just user overload, try again later.

  Rebanut 16:12 28 Sep 03

Maybe but its been like it for about 4 days now.

  bof:) 16:23 28 Sep 03

have you tried contacting the help guys at Hotmail? I did and they were very helpful.

Also have a look at the kb reading for each email, is there a very large one? This may be filling up your inbox and trying to download.

Are there any emails you do not want? Delete them and see if this enables you to get to the others.

have you tried setting up another account with Hotmail and checking you can get emails from it?


  Rebanut 16:28 28 Sep 03

Thanks bof
I will try your suggestions but I know there are no large mails just normal 3 or 4 liners.

  Rebanut 17:03 28 Sep 03

Well as I said there are no large mails in there and tried a new account but to no avail, it just as tho there is a conflict somewhere or the pc has just run out of room which it hasnt, pc has XP and nearly 70gb of space to play with.

  Proxy worm 17:05 28 Sep 03

probably something to do with the mail content?

  Rebanut 17:17 28 Sep 03

Mail content, in what sense.

  bof:) 09:54 05 Oct 03

Hi Rebanut, as you have ticked this thread as solved, what did you do to solve the problem?

My next suggestion would have been to uninstall and reinstall Hotmail.

Is this what solved it for you?


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