Problems with games/Direct3D under XP

  chrishillcoat 17:05 11 Feb 03

Hi there,
After upgrading to XP Home last year, I got some games out of the closet (as it were) to play them again- such as Carmageddon 2, Total Annihilation, Need for Speed 3 etc. All of these games start to load (black screen) then I am dumped back into Windows without so much as an apology. I've checked Compatability Mode and so on, but that didn't seem to work.

On the advice of another poster, I ran dxdiag, which tells me that there is a problem with D3D7:

"D3D7 Test Result: Failure at step 8 (Creating 3D Device): HRESULT = 0x887602eb (error code)"

I'm running an AMD K6-2 500MHz, 320MB RAM, GeForce 2Ti, SB Live! system.

Can anyone help?

Chris Hillcoat

  chrishillcoat 16:00 12 Feb 03

anyone? I tried several more games today, with no success. This could be really annoying if nonne of my games collection works!

Is there a way of running an older OS (98, say) without having to create a partition (only got one hard drive, and hardly any space on that)? For that matter, can I get Windows 98 from anywhere these days?


  powerless 16:08 12 Feb 03

WOW that error message is widespred and people dont like it.

Update your display drivers...

click here

  chrishillcoat 16:17 12 Feb 03

I've had 41.09 since mid-December. A couple of weeks ago (in a bid to get Counter-Strike to recognise my OpenGL mode) I reverted to 40.72, then re-upgraded to 41.09. I guess that must be what's shafted my system... how could I clear all traces of 40.72 from the computer?

Dxdiag reported a couple of 40.72 files still lurking around. The log (if you're interested ;-) ) is on my webserver: click here


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