Problems with Flash Player

  VLADTHEOGRE 11:42 08 Mar 11

I wonder if anyone else is having this problem?

We run our PC and Laptop with XP SP3 and have done for several years now without any problem. But I have had to completely reformat both units twice recently, due to the latest version of Flash player. Every time the new version 'installs itself' despite being asked NOT to do so, we switch on for the next session to find that all our desktop icons and taskbars have disappeared.

Despite using Ctrl/Alt/delete to access Task Manager, and re-run explorer.exe, we are unable to do so, as explorer.exe seems to disappear from the system. Even running sfc /scannow fails to produce it, as does our original Windows XP disc .....which re-installs windows without any issues.

Running the units without Flash player is now the only way to use the machines because, frankly, I've got more to do than spend hours reformatting PC's all day, which is the only way to continue working. It's becoming VERY tiresome, to say the least.

I've tried all sorts, but it's definitely this latest version of Flash player that's causing the problem. Even tried installing a less recent version, but it then won't run, as it keeps asking you to update it....which, because of the problems, is the last thing I want to do!!

Is this a known problem with the new version of Adobe Flash Player?

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

  johndrew 12:13 08 Mar 11

I seldom update Flash Player, but have found a way (hopefully) for you to resolve the problem. You should be able to use the Global Notifications Panel (apparently only available via their website) to inhibit notification/updates click here

  VLADTHEOGRE 14:28 08 Mar 11

Thank you for this John, but we have tried it, and Adobe blatantly ignores the notification advice sent, and still tries to re-install the new version. The old version versions 8 or 9 cause no problems, but will not run due to constant nagging screens telling me to update it!

  johndrew 16:08 08 Mar 11

I'm unsure of what I have done as I get no 'nag' screens from Flash Player and no automatic updates. Currently both the IE and Non-IE versions are the same ( and I know there is an update (to which presumably where you are now.

Could it be that you have some Adobe software installed that is doing the automatic update and could be inhibited? I don't know if Photoshop or the full version of Reader may cause this. According to Adobe you can turn the auto update off simply click here.

I have had another look and found this click here whether it will serve to resolve the issue ....

  johndrew 16:18 08 Mar 11

Are you using Chrome as a browser? click here

I also found this 'rant' click here which claims to have fix.

There is also a bit of info which may help click here

Other than these you appear to be back to the original idea click here and click here

  VLADTHEOGRE 20:19 08 Mar 11

John. Thank you again for the trouble you are going to, which is very much appreciated.

As we are about to move house (Sunday) I'm going to defer this until we get sorted out again, and then I plan to get to the bottom of this whole saga.

But there is some very useful info there, especially knowing where Adobe 'hides' it's registry entries. Fortunately that's an area I am quite happy to go into and deal with.

Clearly there ARE some problems with the newer versions of Flash Player and XP.

So the next obvious question is this: Is there an alternative to it?

Maybe it's time we upgraded to Windows 7.......(I won't even entertain Vista) having had bad experiences with it.

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