Problems with extending Belkin Wireless Network

  Paul33 10:42 15 Oct 09

I have added a F5D7132 WURE extender to my wireless network and followed all the set-up tips from around the web but my laptop now won't connect, giving up "Limited Connectivity" warnings.

The signal strength is EXCELLENT and I know it is picking up the network from the Extender because if I disconnect the extender then signal strength crashes to LOW.

I have tried repairing the connection on the laptop but it seems to fail around the retrieving IP address stage.

Any ideas where I'm going wrong here ?

  Paul33 12:56 15 Oct 09

Okay - not sure this is progress but may help an expert out there !

If I go to the Local Area Network connection on the laptop, right click and go to TCP/IP properties, key in a static IP address in the designated range given by the main router then the connectivity problem goes and everything appears perfect.

Problem then is that I have no internet connection on the laptop !!!

  Graphicool1 13:22 15 Oct 09

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