Problems establishing BB connection

  Tycho 15:40 29 Jun 05

I have just been trying to convert to BB from DU and find that I cannot get a proper connection. I have been able to follow all the advice from Tiscali except this:

Some mother board chipsets have issues communicating and supplying
sufficient power to USB Broadband modems. These include VIA Tech, ASUS, and SiS
chipsets. Hence, we recommend you to check the chipsets with your computer
Hardware vendor and if you find it to be any of the above three chipsets, then
we suggest you to upgrade the chipset with the latest ones.

This worries me because my computer is of some antiquity and it implies that I might need to buy new. It is an old Mesh:W2K, 400MHz, 380 or so MB RAM. Asus Mother board and all about 7 years old.

what do you think?


  recap 15:55 29 Jun 05

You may only need to update the drivers for the MB. Check the manufatures site for the latest updates.

  SEASHANTY 15:58 29 Jun 05

Here use NTL cable BB connected via ethernet but this website seems to suggest your spec is well above the minimum for BB connection. No idea on the Tiscali advise but if you could connect via ethernet this wouldn't be a problem. The problem you seem to have is the Tiscali supplied USB ADSL modem. click here

  rawprawn 16:20 29 Jun 05

When you say you can't get the proper connection, what do you mean. For example do you get a green triangle in the system tray? Which Modem have you got, Sagem [email protected] 800-840? I doubt that your computer is too old.

  Tycho 16:56 29 Jun 05

I get the green triangle but only rarely. Most of the time it is red or yellow.

I am using the adsl modem supplied by Tiscali. It is the Sagem [email protected] 800 E3. Its a usb modem.

By the way, I have USB 1 fitted and have never upgraded.


  Graham ® 17:11 29 Jun 05

Disconnect any other USB devices and try.

  rawprawn 17:13 29 Jun 05

First I think you need to update the drivers for that modem. Go to Tiscali / Broadband / Scroll down to bottom LHS "Help" See "Modem Drivers" updaye and see if that helps.

  Graham ® 17:14 29 Jun 05

If the modem is getting sufficient power and is connected to the phone line OK, it should flash then remain steady.

I don't think the chipset should affect this basic premise, but the power available would.

  roygbiv 17:19 29 Jun 05

Had trouble with alot of disconections and no signal, with help from PCA I had to unplug my "new" DECT telephone DECT and BB dont mix!!
so much for modern tecnology!!

  rawprawn 17:21 29 Jun 05

I should have added, when you have done that if it makes no immediate difference, unplug the USB connector from the back of modem, and then reconnect it. That usually gets it to connect properly. Tiscali have had quite a number of problems with this modem, but they are usually cured as I have suggested.

  Tycho 17:33 29 Jun 05

Done that

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