Problems downloading IE9

  Snrub 19:32 16 Mar 11

I downloaded IE9 onto two identical spec windows7 computers with differing results. When trying to log in to my on line bank account. One works fine the other says this browser is not permitted. Any ideas please?

  northumbria61 21:05 16 Mar 11

Try going to - Tools - Internet Options - Programs Tab - Default Web Browser - click on Make Default - Apply - OK

  Snrub 22:26 16 Mar 11

Checked, not that, IE9 is set at default. Banking site seems to be reluctantly accepting browser but only after the second log in attempt. Plus many items on the sites webpage are blocked with small red cross in top left of each box.

  Snrub 22:29 16 Mar 11

the 1st log in attempt shoes message saying browser not accepted, the 2nd attempt accepts it. Weird or what?

  northumbria61 23:06 16 Mar 11

It may be your firewall or try lowering your security settings in IE options.

For "red boxes" check tools - internet options - advanced tab - under heading "multimedia" make sure "show pictures" is ticked - apply - OK

  Snrub 23:55 16 Mar 11

checked multimedia 'show pictures' was off, enabled it but still shows red crosses. The banking website is now seems more tolerant and accepting browser and log in but still red crosses.

  onionskin 00:07 17 Mar 11

Under tools/safety, is ActiveX Filtering ticked, if it is, try unticking it.

  mimosa418 11:06 17 Mar 11

What you describe is quite common on banking sites when a new browser is introduced. It is a safety warning and there is usually a key to allow you to proceed if you are satisfied all is well.

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