Problems with DOS - USB.

  startup 09:48 22 Jun 04

Can anyone help please. I have a Belkin USB 2.0 portable drive case in which I was running a 20gb hard drive, successfully holding Norton Ghost Images. I have replaced this drive with an 80gb drive which also works fine just formatted through Win' Me making 75gb available.
However, my copy of Norton Ghost will not access this larger drive so I tried portioning it (using FDISK from the MSDOS prompt) but this will only access 4016mb of the 80gb disk.
I continued with partitioning up this 4016mb in an Extended DOS partition just to check if Norton Ghost would work and sure enough it made a backup to the disk.
I have tried all the tricks I know (even loaded a copy of Partition Magic from the cover disk of a few months ago, but that doesn't even see the 3rd USB drive weather or not I have it partitioned or just formatted to the full 75gb.
Is there a limitation in DOS ? Are there any alternatives for me, I want to have the large portable drive to make ghost images of my two computers if poss.

  AndySD 10:29 22 Jun 04

What make is the hard disk?

  startup 20:07 22 Jun 04

Both the disks I have used are Seagate drives, the older one 20gb the new one 80gb.

  mosfet 21:12 22 Jun 04

Is "usb support in dos" enabled in bios? Maybe?

  AndySD 00:25 23 Jun 04

Try DiskWizard click here

  startup 11:56 30 Jun 04

Many thanks for the advise, I have downloaded the Seagate Disc Wizzard which was a pleasure to use. My 80gb removable disc is now partitioned and works well with Norton Ghost on both my computers.


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