Problems with computer due to I Mesh

  stuj77 10:21 18 May 03

My computer has been experiencing quite a lot of problems in the last couple of weeks, and I may be wrong but I think it has a lot to do with installing the program I Mesh. Now the computer crashes when I am on the internet and for some bizarre reason when I goonsites with midi files playing the computer closes the explorer window. Also when the computer starts up the computer immediatly trys to log on to the internet. Also there are new items appeared in favourites. I have uninstalled I Mesh but the problems persist. Any ideas on how to completely get rid of I Mesh (which I don't seem to have done) and its attached programs, and to solve any of my other problems. Help would be really appreciated. Thanks a lot.


  graham√ 10:30 18 May 03

Do a virus scan immediately. Then prepare for a rough ride ahead. You have probably downloaded more than you thought, and all sorts of nasties are embedded in your PC. Help is, no doubt, to follow.

  VoG™ 10:50 18 May 03

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  suzie005 14:05 18 May 03

i had problems a couple of weeks ago when my lad decided to download it and not set a restore point either.i had spyware everywhere including some that couldn't be removed even after deleting it such file was in the restore folder and i did a full scan just to check that it WAS indeed just that.first i went into add/remove programs in control panel and then ran JV 16 power tools to clear the registry.then i ran spybot again and to finish i restored the pc to earlier on in the day.wasn't very happy cos i was messing about at 1.30 in the morning.everything's been ok since.

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