Problems with Alcetal USB Speed touch

  rien 10:06 17 Aug 03

My alcetal speed touch will not work with the Win XP computer. OK on this machine which is Win 98.
On the Win XP computer I have lnstalled and uninstalled the drivers countless times both from the disc and the internet) but when I plug in the alcetal USB Speed touch it says
'modem not connected' even though two green lights are showing. I have tried every USB socket plus using a powered hub but still no luck. In the systems manager it shows the yellow '?' under other devices but I can't suss outwhy.
I know the phone line is OK... using it now, and the modem works OK on this machine so what can be wrong.

Any good advise appreciated.


  Forum Editor 10:16 17 Aug 03

are you using the right driver?

The modem will use a different driver on a WinXP machine, and if you are using an old Alcatel CD it won't have it. Each Alcatel modem uses different drivers for different operting systems.

You can download the correct version for your model if you
click here

I assume that the WinXP machine does recognise that there's a device there when you plug it in - although it doesn't necessarily know what it is?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:18 17 Aug 03

click here might be worth a read.......rather lively language though ;-))))


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:20 17 Aug 03

Forgot to mention that there seems concern if the latest drivers have been supplied and using the modem with Via chipsets.


  hvs 16:28 17 Aug 03

Rien, I have an adsl speed touch go usb modem (green one)and was using it in Win 98 se and had to download a new driver, usb_1_4_0 from the alcatel site which is for WIN xp. Works 100%. You may have to contact your provider for correct configurations. It should work.

  leo49 16:51 17 Aug 03

The latest driver[as far as I'm aware] is 2.1 and it's working fine on my XP setup.


  rien 22:19 17 Aug 03

Many thanks to all who gave advise
Getting the correct driver (eventually) solved the problem

  powerless 22:22 17 Aug 03

I'm still using the 1.4's..........on XP!

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