Problems accessing Drive A files

  cableman 19:11 19 Feb 03

Mt daughter has been saving her homework files to floopy disc and has on occasions revised the files on the disc, however when she now tries to access the files the computer states that the disc is not formatted. A search of the properties indicates that the disc is full. we have tried it an aother floppy disk drive but to no avail. Can anyone help??


  mrchips 19:19 19 Feb 03

Possibly the floppy is faulty. Right click floppy in my computer, choose send to desktop, (after creating a new folder)to send it to. Then right the folder and choose send to floppy disc using a fresh disc.

  Rayuk 19:19 19 Feb 03

If you click on properties does it show it is full.
I ask as a workmate had the same problem it showed in properties but wouldnt read.
Do this at your own risk
Place floppy in plastic bag then put in freezer[yes freezer]for 10 minutes,then try it in your pc.

  woodchip 19:29 19 Feb 03

That's why when backing up at least with floppy's you should use two floppy's for the same backup. You could try tapping the floppy on your hand edge way's

  pj123 22:02 19 Feb 03

does it read other floppies OK? I have had the same problem many times. other floppies are OK. I then tried the unreadable on someone elses computer and it was OK. Try that if you have access to someone elses computer. if it works copy it to the other computers hard disk and then copy back to a different floppy

  fred 22:28 19 Feb 03

I've always found floppies to be very unreliable.

Out of 50 with info on I once found only 34 to be useable.

Since then I always regard info on floppy to be disposable and ensure that a copy exists elsewhere. In some cases I have been known to copy a file to three floppies to ensure security of data.

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