Problem with Word 2007 crashing

  hssutton 01 Feb 12

I was writing a letter in Word 2007 including some copied and pasted text, on going to "Save As" Word crashed. I tried this several times, each time resulting in Word crashing. I eventually copied the text and pasted into Wordpad from where I was able to save.

With this completed I reopened Word 2007 which then behaved perfectly, but On closing down word I then found that I had lost the ability to Drag 'n Drop, a method I use a lot with my photography. Any suggestions as to what was the problem with Word 2007 and also how to regain Drag 'n Drop

  Woolwell 01 Feb 12

Suggest you run MS Office diagnostics. Available 2 ways:

  1. through Word - Click on office button and then word options and then resources.

  2. All programs - Microsoft Office - Microsoft Office Tools.

  hssutton 01 Feb 12

Woolwell¬ This came up automatically after several crashes, but I cancelled it as I wanted the letter printing off rather urgently. Will run Diagnostics shortly.

I've managed to repair Drag and drop after spending some time searching the Web, this appears to be a not uncommon problem with W7. Must apologise for not mentioning W7 in my OP. I picked up on one suggested solution which worked, though I've no idea why. This was Ctrl-Alt-Del followed by Esc. Drag and drop is now working ok.

  hssutton 01 Feb 12

Have run Diagnostics This problem was found "The Setup Diagnostic repaired problems with your installation of Microsoft Office. Your Microsoft Office programs should now function correctly."

  Woolwell 01 Feb 12

Sounds good but time will tell.


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