Problem with Word 2002

  Rogerfredo 15:17 27 Dec 08

Does anyone know if Word 2002 is compatible with Vista?
The problem I have is that the "print view" always shows the text at the top of the page, inspite of the headers and footers tabs showing margins.

  Eric10 16:16 27 Dec 08

It's just possible that you may have "white space" hidden. While in print view, try moving the cursor over the top edge of the page and when it changes to a double-headed arrow just double-click. It may not appear to have made any difference at first but if you scroll up the page it will appear correctly.

  johndrew 16:20 27 Dec 08

I believe it is compatible with Vista but in a limited way click here

  Pineman100 16:25 27 Dec 08

I had a similar problem a while ago, and the solution suggested by Eric10 above cured it.

  Rogerfredo 09:37 28 Dec 08

Many thanks to all replies. Eric10, you solved the problem!

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