Problem with Win 98

  Indigo 1 18:42 03 Feb 04

My friends old pc running W98 has developed a boot up problem.

Basically it says "memory test failed" and can't get past the first black screen unless you press "F1" but then it freezes on W98 splash screen.

I'm not familiar with 98 so don't want to just dive in without some guidance.

From what I can gather he has a 3 gig HDD (I couldn't believe it either) and 32 meg of RAM (!) not sure about the CPU but it is old (poss 486 ?) he did say that the HDD was getting full about a month ago.

  Indigo 1 19:09 03 Feb 04

Oh come on ^bump^ someone must be able to help a bit.

I'll start you off.... The PC does perform POST and it gives a single beep.

Could not get it to boot in Safe Mode.

I have a W98 boot disk and will try to access it using that (tomorrow) but would like to know why it gives the message "Failed Memory Test".

Anyone ?


The memory it refers to is the RAM. It is either damaged or not seated correctly.

  Indigo 1 19:17 03 Feb 04

Thanks for the response [email protected]@m.

So that means it's damaged as it can't have got unseated by itself.

Surely the POST should indicate the same with a beep code ? No ?

Yes, that is a puzzle. On startup, the memory test will normally show as counting from 1 to whatever as part of the hardware test. Does it do that? And what happens when you go for safe mode? (CTRL key or F8).

  R4 19:57 03 Feb 04

The 'Bleeps' do not happen until the second part of Post is run ( second black screen)

Do you see the memeory count on the first screen ?, , if not try removing the memory sims/dimms or what ever, cleaning them and the sockets and re-installing them, one bank at a time (or bank pair at a time) if there are more than one.

  Indigo 1 21:03 03 Feb 04

No it doesn't show a count.

When trying to get Safe Mode nothing happens ie. no response


That's a good tip, will try that.

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