Problem using DVD rw on PC

  star23 21:09 12 Feb 06

I tried to copy a dvd to a rw dvd disk. But half way through burning it just said not enough space disk.
Do you think I'll need a double layer disk?.

  ade.h 21:15 12 Feb 06

How much data are you trying to copy?

  star23 21:34 12 Feb 06

The disk runs for 125 mins

  ade.h 21:39 12 Feb 06

That's meaningless without knowing the quantity of data that you want to copy. Claimed capacity is 4.7GB; you can presumably expect it take at least 4.5GB (though I have never filled a DVD to its limit).

  star23 21:47 12 Feb 06

was we right by copying data on to hard drive first, then burning on to blank disk?.
The original dvd was made on to 4.5gb like you said.
So we tried to burn on to a blank disk of that capacity?

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