Claremarianne 11:01 12 Jul 03

I am using Word 2002 and Publisher 2002 with Windows XP. Our old computer (still being used) has Word and Publisher 2000, with Windows 95. There are several new fonts listed in the 2002 version on our new computer, which are not listed on the old computer (2000 versions). Examples are Gautami, Raavi, Tunga and many more. I can't seem to make the computer recognise them - everything comes out as Times New Roman (our default font). Any ideas please ???

  jazzypop 12:41 12 Jul 03

If you are creating a document on the new PC, using fonts that are not on the old PC, the old PC will not be able to display fonts it does not have, so will substitute an equivalent font or the default one (as you have found).

You can either embed the fonts into the document (see Tools > Options, or look it up in the Help system for Word / Publisher), or copy the fonts from the new PC to the old one.

Bear in mind that embedding fonts can make a file much larger, and fonts may be copyrighted so that you may not have the right to transfer them to another PC.

  Claremarianne 16:59 12 Jul 03

To Jazzypop
Thanks for your answer. I seem to have given the wrong impression about my problem. I am not using the old computer, and they are not networked together. Sorry, so forget the old computer - irrelevant - red herring! I was just comparing the two, trying to indicate that I have found some fonts which are new to me. To summarise, there are several fonts on my new computer (word 2000, windows xp) which I cannot seem to use - all I get is Times New Roman. Any further thoughts from anyone please?

  VoG II 17:03 12 Jul 03

I tried to reproduce your problem - and I can!

I tried changing the font to Gautami either using the font box or using Format/Font. Text remained stuck as Times New Roman as you say. Curious.

  Claremarianne 18:26 15 Jul 03

Thanks to the people who have answered. No solutions yet. Any ideas out there ???

  jazzypop 20:04 15 Jul 03

I was intrigued, so I put my sleuthing cap on....

I may have an answer, of sorts - but I stand to be corrected by any font gurus lurking :)

From Win2000 onwards, Windows uses an extended form of font, called OpenType (as opposed to the older TrueType). This allows a variety of enhancements, including many more characters, glyphs, font substitution etc - click here for an explanation.

If you open the Fonts folder (C:\Windows\Fonts, by default), you will see listed as an OpenType font.

A quick bit of Googling led me to the next clue - click here - where Gautami is listed as the standard font for one of the 6 main Indian languages (Telugu).

Finally, the page at click here confirms that in order to display a font specific to a certain language, you need to install a keyboard driver for that language. Presumably, then, if you installed a keyboard driver for Telegu, you would be able to type and display the Gautami font.

Incidentally, if you right-click the Gautami font in the fonts folder and choose Open, the characters and glyphs are not displayed (on my PC, with only a British English keyboard driver installed).

The only unanswered question I have is, why on earth are these non-usable fonts displayed in the font selection list? Why are they not added to the list of fonts once the correct language keyboard is installed? Another 'feature' for MS to resolve?

  jazzypop 20:06 15 Jul 03

Correction -

If you open the Fonts folder (C:\Windows\Fonts, by default), you will see Gautami listed as an OpenType font.

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