Problem with USB memory stick - help please !

  ricky25 06 Jan 12

I have a USB memory stick with photos on it. My PC is running Windows XP and has 4 separate usb connections. I have tried the stick in all 4 but each time get the message "The disc in drive E is not formatted - Do you want to format it now?" It will not format if Yes is clicked.The drive is picked as drive E in My Computer. The usb stick works fine in my laptop but not this desktop. HELP ! - what is the solution since it means I have no usb connectivity on my desktop PC. Thanks in anticipation.

  STREETWORK 06 Jan 12

You could try and reinstall the drivers for the usb ports on the PC. Go into device manager and locate the USB, remove it and then reboot the Pc. windows will reinstall the drivers when rebooted. Alternatly see if there are any updated driver on the PC manufactuers website. what ever you do do not format the memory stick as this can erase all your photos. always make a back up..

  ricky25 06 Jan 12

Thanks for your prompt suggestion. I've tried that but it still doesn't work. Since my original post I've realised that powered devices (e.g. printer) do work in the usb outlets but unpowered ones don't

  STREETWORK 07 Jan 12

Please try this:

Reboot the PC into safe mode. See if the usb stick can be read while in safemode. If it does then it is either a software problem, in which case you could try a system restore back to when you knew it worked, or reinstall windows. If it does not work then it could be a hardware issue, perhaps the power supply or the usb card, in which case i would suggest opening the PC and unplugging the usb cards (all of them noting where the plugs go back in); remove the drivers and run ccleaner to clean up the registry after a reboot; shut down the PC and plug back in the usb cards and reboot.

Post back results...


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