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Problem in Updating Norton AntiVirus

  anchor 11:38 12 Feb 03

I have a current version of Norton A/V 2002 installed with Win-ME. Until today, I have had no problems in using intelligent updater to daily update my definition files. On downloading the latest file 20030211-004i32.exe, I had a message,

"Problem verifying files from archive. You may be out of disk space or files may be marked read only"

I have lots of free disk space,(45Gb free).

On choosing not to proceed, I received a message, that "no updatable version of Norton A/V was found, as this version is designed to work with 32bit products, version 4 or later. Earlier 16bit versions of Norton A/V should use version 2 of the intelligent updater".

I used Live-Update to ensure that no chages had been made to updater, but I still received the error message. My update subscriptions do not expire until October 2003.

I have received an e-mail from a friend who experienced the identical problem; he has the same version of Norton A/V; version 2002.

I would appreciate your assistance in this matter.

Norton Intelligent Update site:
click here

  Lozzy 11:44 12 Feb 03

sounds like some form of corruption try un-installing then re boot and re install

  JoeC 11:48 12 Feb 03

the Intelligent Updater once. It had the same effect as you describe but it corrupted my Norton programme and I ended up having to uninstall then reinstall the programme. Now I just wait till LiveUpdate does its job. : }

  anchor 11:53 12 Feb 03

Thanks for your prompt resplies.

I take your point, but I have never previously had problems in using Intelligent Updater.

Furthermore, the fact that a friend had exactly the same problem today, is surely a bit too much of a coincidence.

  siouxah1 13:04 12 Feb 03

Yes, had problems this morning with update. Not using intelligent updater.

Had to uninstall NAV and reinstall.

Regards Brian.

  anchor 13:56 12 Feb 03

It seems that something is wrong with the latest Norton updates. We can`t ALL have corrupted files!.

I have e-mailed Norton support about this; don`t know if I will get a reply.

  sattman 15:38 12 Feb 03

I have live update available all the time on my comp normally it updates twice per week, it was not doing this as it last updated on 4/2/2003.

I selected manual update and it loaded all new definations etc which you can expect to get if you reinstall it. I am not sure why it should have neeeded to do this but it does look as though they have a problem.

  powerless 15:48 12 Feb 03

Although this is for the Corporate Edition theres no reason why it shouldnt work for your Edition.

click here

  zigg 18:13 12 Feb 03

I had a similar problem and I had to uninstall and reinstall Norton AV. Remember to uninstall it completely including any files in Windows explorer or anywhere else on your hard drive.

  anchor 19:03 12 Feb 03

Thanks Powerless, I will try this tomorrow, and post back.

  ellas 19:37 12 Feb 03

sattman my live update also stopped working about that time,like you having to do it manually,plus seems very few updates,running panda a/v on the other puter and its updating every day.

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