Problem starting windows.

  daf501 10:28 17 May 06

Hi, dont know what went wrong with my pc. It run perfect for the last 2 years, then on monday it would not start. On boot, i get message 'NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart', then 'disk boot failure'.
I got a reload disk with the pc, but this will lose all my files etc, by going to factory settings. So i tried a repair with a windows xp disk, it runs a setup then i get to C:Partition 1(unknown). I then only get the option of formatting the hard drive (due to partition being full,damaged or not formatted) but again i would lose all my files, help !!!

  DieSse 10:41 17 May 06

The only 100% safe way to proceed is to fit another drive, set up windows on it - then try to access your existing drive. Or acheive the same by putting your drive as a slave into an working system.

Your existing drive may be corrupted beyond repair, or it may be recoverable. If you try to recover it at this stage, you may make it unrecoverable - so - the choice is yours.

There are a number of programs to attempt to recover unreadable drives.

If you put ... recover hard drive ... into a Google search, you can take your pick of many recovery software tools.

  DieSse 10:44 17 May 06

This is a good read about the subject as a first step. click here

  wobblymike 20:02 17 May 06

A simple check- when you boot up on your first screen does BIOS recognise your Hard Drive as primary master?

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