problem at start up

  spec 17 Oct 11

I booted my master drive this morning and can only get as far as, 'verifying DMI pool data'. Tried F2 for alternate start but it won't work. It seems that some virus or MWre has been waiting for the start up. Any help greatly appreciated.

  chub_tor 17 Oct 11

Go into your BIOS and make sure that the hard drive with the Windows installed is correctly set as the primary boot device. Choose the HDD as primary boot device, followed by CD-ROM/Floppy. Also make sure that the HDD is set to auto-detect within the BIOS utility.

If you have any discs or diskettes in the CD-ROM or floppy drive(s) then please remove these and try and boot up again, this is to make sure the system is not trying to boot from the said device.

Make sure ALL cables are 100% connected to the system and are not loose at any scale. If any of the above does not work then try and reset the CMOS using the CMOS jumper.

If still nothing above fixes the issue then you may have to replace/fix the master boot record on the hard drive as this may be the cause. Post back after you have tried the suggestions above.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17 Oct 11
  spec 17 Oct 11

chub, tried some of your suggests, no luck. I can't find the 'auto detect' in set up and I'm not confident interfering with the 'jumpers'. Will look into the page that Fruit Bat posted(thank you) and see what I can do with those suggestions, many thanks all the same. I musn't lose the files on the drive if I can help it.

  spec 19 Oct 11

I tried a 'start up' disk but when I entered "sys c." (as suggested on your link Fruit Bat)I just kept getting 'bad file command'?

I have never reset the 'jumpers' but am willing to try anything if you can show me. Can I purchase any CD's that would help?

Many thanks again.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19 Oct 11

copy sys c:

  spec 20 Oct 11

Thanks mate but that didn't work either.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20 Oct 11

Download and burn the iso of the ultimate Boot cd

Set the BIOS to boot from CD as the first boot device (save and exit)

Boot the machine with the Cd in the drive and use it to look for and recover data from your hard drive.


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