Problem with a Sony VIO Laptop

  ccbn 12:42 21 Oct 05

It will not boot up - the hard disk LED does not light or the screen come on, but I can hear the CD and floppy drives spin on power up.
I have tried restore disk etc but with no screen I can not see if there is any response.
Can anyone help.

  recap 12:45 21 Oct 05

Can you hook it up to a Monitor to see if it has booted up?

  ccbn 12:22 24 Oct 05

Yes I have, still nothing.

  splork 12:33 24 Oct 05

Sounds serious in that case :S. Does it have additional memory fitted? Is it seated properly? Can you do a voltage test on the power supply?
Make sure you earth yourself before touching any memory chips.

  ccbn 15:05 24 Oct 05

memory removed and checked,CPU reseated,Hard Disk connections reseated, floppy drive and CD drive removed. It's begining to look like the motherboard or Hard Drive.

  woodchip 15:10 24 Oct 05

PSU up the spout

  woodchip 15:13 24 Oct 05

PS if you have a Laptop battery in the Computer, remove it and try computer just with mains

  ccbn 15:39 24 Oct 05

Tried, still no good.

  woodchip 16:08 24 Oct 05

Yep looks like the PSU, but if you could beg borrow a stick of memory I would try that first

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