Problem with shared wireless connection

  tisch 21:58 20 Sep 07

I have recently moved house to share with someone who has an existing wifi broadband set up. My laptop picked up the connection no problem but his wifi is security protected with a key. My flatmate set up the connection on my laptop for me using the cable connected to the router and has saved the network key on there too. Now my laptop recognises the network, connects to it by default fine with no problems. It then works brilliantly for about the first half hour I use it for each evening and then just stops working. Webpages won't load, I get admin error pages come up or it just goes on loading forever but nothing comes up. When the laptop does this it still says it is connected to the network and that signal strength is full. Oddly I can also pick up a neighbour's unprotected network with a signal strength of only limited which is faster to use once the laptop does this odd fault after the first half hour or so.

I'm pretty sure it's something to do with the 2 of us using the wireless at the same time on 2 laptops because while my flatmate has been away this week this hasn't been happening.

Any suggestions because I'm stumped!

  tisch 15:40 22 Sep 07


  The 12th Man 16:36 22 Sep 07

When it stops working, try disabling then re-enabling the wireless connection. Then try connecting again. If that works fine, great. We can probably narrow the problem down to something on your laptop. Let us know how you get on.

  tisch 17:53 22 Sep 07

Tried it - when the connection stops working if I do right click and then "repair" on the wireless connection it starts working again when it reconnects but then shortly later will stop again. Sometimes repairing continues to work, sometimes it stops and nothing can inject life back into it!

Think it is something specific to the connection though as if I pick up the neighbour's unsecured signal there are no problems(!)

  The 12th Man 18:39 22 Sep 07

Try updating drivers for your wireless card. This could help. A lot. Also, if you can get physical access to the router, see if it works fine with a wire for more than a hour.

Are you using windows to connect to the router or some third party software?

  tisch 19:22 22 Sep 07

sorry to seem really thick but how on earth do I go about updating drivers for wireless card???

  The 12th Man 12:51 23 Sep 07

wireless card manufacter's website and search for your model card. This may be a bit tricky if it's a built-in wireless card. It's a pcmcia card or a USB dongle, then it's fairly straight forward. If you are having trouble, post the make, model and version number or the wireless card or if it's built in, the make and model of your laptop.

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