Problem saving data

  p.r.b 12:26 21 Nov 04

Sorry if this query is basic
when saving my photos to CD I'm told there is no disc in the E drive - why do I get this message, ( I'm using Packard Bell CD-RW 12x Speed 700 Mb capacity discs )

  smudge101 12:50 21 Nov 04

What operating system are you using and what program do you usually use to burn to disk?

  p.r.b 13:21 21 Nov 04

Hi Smudge101
thanks for your interest - Windows XP home edition, I've never saved anything to CD before and was just using XP as it came out of the box. I've saved files to a floppy on my previous setup ( W98 )and just assumed it would be a similar operation except to a different drive using a different disc - but nothing ever seems to be quite that straightforward !!!

  smudge101 13:46 21 Nov 04

I take it you are right clicking on your selected files and using the SEND TO option?

  p.r.b 13:57 21 Nov 04

yes and the files copy over, I then get a message saying that I have files to write to CD and to click if I want to do it now, but when I do so I get the message saying that there is no disc in the E drive ?????

  smudge101 14:03 21 Nov 04

Try this. Right click on My Computer, select the Hardware tab and then click on Device Manager.
Are there any yellow exclamation marks next to any of your devices, in particular the CD drive or the IDE channels?

  smudge101 14:15 21 Nov 04

got to go do a chore, back in a couple of hours. (shopping, yeuch!!!)

  p.r.b 14:32 21 Nov 04

no everything is clear, I think I'm wasting your time,I expect I haven't customised the drive or it's not fully compatible with something or other, for some reason it does not recognise the disc and tells me the drive is empty when it is isn't.
Also I can't save video clips from WMP9 to disc either - I get a message in yellow that it will not fit - even where the clip is well within the capacity of the 700Mb CD

  VoG II 14:36 21 Nov 04

A silly question: have you formatted the CD-RW?

  p.r.b 14:38 21 Nov 04

Hard luck mate - one of life's neccessary evils I suppose ( that and washing up )- and Christmas coming as well!! thanks for your help

  p.r.b 15:02 21 Nov 04

Hello VoG
I know I'll sound thick but bear with me, do you mean the actual disc or the drive ?? I've tried to customise the drive but don't know how to format a CD, I've tried using the same method as if it were a floppy disc - except using the E drive of course but when I right click I don't get a Format Disc option

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