problem restoring norton ghost image - password

  OzzYMad 18:22 16 Sep 07

Hi dudes I got a problem I have 3 cd's to recover my acer laptop system unfortunately I dont have the system bootable cd so I made myself a ms-dos boot cd with norton ghost 2003, when I tried to open the imagem on first disk it asked me a passoword, the image is protected by password now I dont know what to do I need to restore the imagem and no support from acer...

  iambeavis 18:39 16 Sep 07

The default password for the "Acer 3000" series is six zeroes - 000000 (page 60 of the manual).

  OzzYMad 23:34 16 Sep 07

yeah dude thats the password to access the erecovery but not the password to open separately the images... I tried and did not workes =/ dont know how proceed now and acer support sux...

  Taff™ 06:29 17 Sep 07

When the Acer goes through the boot sequence there might be the option to pres ALT + F10 (Look at the bottom of the screen as soon as the first flash screen appears) - this gets you into system recovery to restore to factory defaults. Your data will be lost however.

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