Problem replacing Vista with Windows 7.

  Beetlecrusher 07 Aug 11

I have a Medion laptop which is approximately 4 years old running Vista. I have purchased a genuine copy of Windows 7 but when I try to install it on either the boot or recovery partition, it does not allow me to continue because the drive is not NTFS. How do I overcome this problem ? Any advice gratefully received.

  T0SH 07 Aug 11

The upgrade path from Vista to Windows 7 can be frought with difficulties why not back up all your data to an external hard drive then follow the clean install proceedure detailed here

Cheers HC

  Beetlecrusher 07 Aug 11

Thank you for the link which I have read. Unlike the screenshots in the tutorial, the partitions on my laptop are Boot and Recovery. If I delete these two, should I then be able to do a clean install without the warning about NTFS appearing ?

  ACOLYTE 07 Aug 11

Vista should already be NTFS,as far as i know i wouid not install on a anything but a NTFS formatted drive.But if you have the full disk of win 7 and do a clean install,then it formats the drive to NTFS automatically so it should work.If you delete the 2 partions you have now then your pc would not work at all until a new OS was installed,as you would be deleting your vista OS.It also may be that the drive is locked to the maker,Medion in your case,some companies do this so they get repeat custom,its a long shot but i have known it happen that you need to buy a new HDD to install a new OS on.You wont know till you try a fresh instal.


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