Problem reading SD card

  edenworkshops 20 Sep 11


A while ago my Kodak camera dock stopped working, so I got an SD reader so as I could get at the pictures.

After plugging the reader in, when I look in Device Manager there is a yellow question mark by the reader.

When I click properties, it says...

Windows cannot determine the settings for this device. Consult the documentation that came with this device and use the Resource tab to set the configuration. (Code 34)

The reader was a generic device and had no documentation.

How do I determine the right configuration??

Thank you


  northumbria61 20 Sep 11

"When I look in Device Manager there is a yellow question mark by the reader".

Right click on your card in Device Manager and select Update Driver Software

  edenworkshops 20 Sep 11

I allready did this, the driver is up to date.


  Woolwell 20 Sep 11

It would probably help if you stated what your operating system is and the brand and model of card reader.

  northumbria61 20 Sep 11

Is this an external card reader connected via USB? Try deleting the driver in Device Manager - reboot with the reader connected and let it search for new driver.

  edenworkshops 20 Sep 11

I am running win XP.

The reader has no brand name.

The driver is ok.

I am being asked to manualy configure the memory range in the resource tab.

That is the problem, what memory range do I select, there are a lot of possible choices, far too many to check each one.


  edenworkshops 21 Sep 11

In fact I did check each one of the available memory ranges in the resource tab, none of them work.

I looked around on the net for a solution to this problem, a lot of people are asking the same question, but nobody has an answer.

Anyone able to help me with this please?


  Woolwell 21 Sep 11

I've not had the problem of a card reader asking for a memory range. Perhaps the problem is that the readers is unbranded and defective.

  northumbria61 21 Sep 11

I agree with Woolwell's comments - try a brand name reader.

  edenworkshops 21 Sep 11

Hmmm, defective card reader.

Can anyone suggest a popular brand please?


  Nontek 21 Sep 11

I have been using one of these for years, it is very good.


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