problem reading Nero .nri files without Nero software

  morters 08 Mar 12

My Windows XP computer died last week. Luckily, my friendly computer repairman saved the hard drive and put it into a ‘box’ from which I can retrieve all my files and documents. Amongst these are vital .nri files which are a record of what’s contained on backup DVDs, movies, music and other files that I had burned to DVD. Unfortunately, my old computer had Nero burning software whereas my new, Dell Windows 7 has Roxio burning software. Which means I can no longer read these .nri files. I found some free software on the net (FreeFileViewer) but when I use it to read the files all I can see is what looks like computer language, not very helpful. Having already spent a small fortune getting new computer up and running, I’m loathe to spend more money on new Nero software. Can anyone suggest how I can access these files? Is there any way to export the contents of these files to, say, Word? If so, I could download free Nero trial software and get it sorted out before the trial expires.

  morters 08 Mar 12

As a supplementary question, is there any way that I can copy just the titles ie, not, say, the actual musical content) of any files on the actual DVDs?

  Sea Urchin 08 Mar 12

You could download the freeware version of Nero Kwik Media

file hippo

  Lazarus The 2nd 09 Mar 12

Download from this Click here It's Safe, It's hosted on website (Couldn't find it Elsewhere, Unavailable.

Once you have Downloaded it, UnZip it to your Hard drive (Right mouse click, Select Extract All..) Run (Open) bintext.exe, To the right of File to scan, Click the Browse Button, Find your .nri files, Click it to select One, Click Open Button.

Below File to scan, Un-Tick, Advanced view, Click the Go Button (Don't worry, when saved it looks better, You will still have some deleting to do to get the gobbledegook out).

Next, click Save, Give it a name, Click Save Button, That's it.

Now find that .txt File you just saved, Open it with Microsoft WordPad, Delete the bits you dont want (there won’t be too many).

Happy deleting ;-)


  morters 09 Mar 12

Good morning Sea Urchin and Lazarus the 2nd - you both posted way past my bedtime! Thank you both for very promising reswponses. When I've rebooted my brain with sufficient coffee I'll try them out.

  morters 09 Mar 12

Sorry for delay replying, all sorts of issues to be resolved re computer death.

Sea Urchin, I think I've installed Nero Kwik Media correctly (the .nri file had an empty square icon prior to installation, now it's got what looks like a proper icon). However, I've failed to open the sample file I've transferred to new computer. This is probably down to tiredness, general technophobia and general confusion. I would not be surprised if when I look at it again tomorrow I'll find a way to open it (them).

David/Lazarus the Second: brilliant, thank you so much. Even if I can't persuade Nero Kwik Media to open the file, your solution will adequately suffice; in fact, being able to export/transfer to a .txt document is something I wish I'd had years ago!

Thank you both enormously for your help.


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