Problem reading CD RW disc

  wingfield 14:26 01 Nov 08

I have a cd rw disc that I put some photos on a couple of years ago. Since then I have changed the PC's in our house and now I can't retrieve the stuff on the cd. The CD wasn't 'closed' as there was still some room for additional stuff.

Can I get the photos back or is all lost? My laptop recognises there is a cd in the drive but isn't coming up with the contents but shows the disc space

Is here sme soware I can download to do this? Maybe some data recovery stuff?

  wingfield 14:32 01 Nov 08

PS I've spotted in the drive details that the file system is UDF

  Stuartli 14:45 01 Nov 08

You would be best to avoid using CD-RW disks at all - their reflectivity level is very much less than CD-R disks and can prove difficult to read if used on another optical drive.

It's much better to use a CD-R or even DVD-R in Multisession form until the disk is full; creating a backup at the same time is also a sound policy.

  woodchip 15:35 01 Nov 08

If you have NERO try the copy utility in the program, it will tell you when to put a blank disc in if it can read it

  eedcam 15:59 01 Nov 08

Might be worth a try its free Iso buster
click here Or
click here

  wingfield 17:27 01 Nov 08

Thanks for your advice. I used Isobuster to find the files & photos. However at $30 (£20) to fnd a couple of photos once is bit much I think. A bit of a con finding them and them not letting you do anything with them. Anyway thanks for your help. CD recvery toolbox didn't find them for some reason

  eedcam 18:49 01 Nov 08

Iso buster should let you extract them without buying right click on the file and choose extract.I dont Recommend cons

  wingfield 19:59 01 Nov 08

eedcam - no disrespect intended but whatever I try and do with the file found by Isobuster I get the popup 'for this functionality you need to register' and when I click on the order now tab I go to their website and as far as I can see I have to pay $29.95 for an unlock code.

  Technotiger 20:12 01 Nov 08

A long-shot, but you could try using click here although it is really intended for the recovery of deleted images.

  eedcam 22:50 01 Nov 08

Wingfield I'm sure there was'nt But I dont get that on mine and I've never paid owt

  woodchip 21:08 02 Nov 08

Have you tried NERO as I said above, Just use copy disc

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