problem problem problem

  eggy 12:39 08 Oct 06

I have a problem when trying to upload or view files on a server. A company has designed a logo for me and put it on a simple one page website for me. I want to edit the webpage myself and put a lot more stuff on it. The problem I have is that when I connect to the server I do not see the index file or any of the files they have created. I am using dreamweaver and when I connect to the server I have the following files htdocs, logfiles, private, untitled and there is nothing in these folders.

I started to create my own web page in dreamweaver (index file and images and all the rest) and upload the website files to the htdocs folder as I was told to do so. The site I have created still does not show only the original page they put up for me. I can not find the files they have created to delete what they have done.

  eggy 12:40 08 Oct 06

The website is click here

  Forum Editor 14:17 08 Oct 06

to email me with details of your FTP login and password I'll take a look and let you know what the situation is. You can always change the password when I've finished.

It's notoriously difficult and long-winded to try to resolve these problems without seeing the server files.

  AndySD 14:17 08 Oct 06

click here sabp-web designed it for you?

Or are they hosting it?

  eggy 14:58 08 Oct 06

they designed the logo but are also hosting it but under level7

  Forum Editor 16:12 08 Oct 06

I'll get back to your thread as soon as I've had a chance to take a look. That should be sometime this evening.

  Forum Editor 17:04 08 Oct 06

to look at the server files, and this is the situation:

There's an index.html file in the htdocs folder, but it isn't the one you see when you click on your link. The logo image is there, in the images folder, but that's it - there are no other files present, and certainly no sign of anything that you uploaded from DreamWeaver.

These people who designed the logo - did they set up the webspace for you?

Who owns the domain name? Is the person listed in the WHOIS record you? If so, where is the name hosted - Pipex are listed as the agent.

  eggy 17:52 08 Oct 06

I own the name and the files you seen are the ones I uploaded thats what i cant undrestand, the files they uploaded should have been there and it would have been a simple process of delete them and mine should appear but there is no referance to them it seems to refer to somewhere else.

name is hosted on 123reg

I am lost it should be so simple

  eggy 17:53 08 Oct 06

They set up the web space

  PurplePenny 22:13 08 Oct 06

I know that the site is under construction but it isn't a good idea to use XHTML and CSS validator logos and an AAA compliance logo when the page doesn't pass the relevant tests.

Take them off until the site is finished, then run the pages through the validators and an accessibility checker (including manual checks) and *then* put the logos on.

  eggy 23:30 08 Oct 06

I didn’t put those checkers there (the design company did) the site you see is what I can not get rid of. When I log on to the server which I thought would host the files you see as the current web page are not there. I have upload my own index file to the sever location I was given but still I can not get rid of the site you see with all those checkers and stuff.

Is it possible that the server I have been given access to, does not hold these current index file that’s way I can not delete it?

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