Problem printing from Excel

  Budgie100 11:01 05 Mar 03

I need to print about 100 seperate Xxcel workbooks, with upto 4 seperate sheets in each... the problem is that although the printer is set to print in draft mode (which is OK and quick), the individual documents (even each page of the workbook) seem to be set to "Best" which is taking an absolute age!

Without going into each seperate sheet to change the setting, how can I fix this issue?

Background info - Last time these were printed was with a HP Laserjet 6L, but thats bust, and now I'm using a HP Deskjet 6122.

Any ideas?


  Lozzy 11:17 05 Mar 03

I reckon the only way is to set each workbook since the global setting isn't doing the trick.

  VoG™ 11:34 05 Mar 03

I agree with Lozzy.

One way of saving some effort would be to record a macro to change the printer settings and print, then run the macro for each sheet in each book.

  pj123 11:57 05 Mar 03

If you are running Win98se you could also try: Start, Settings, Printers. Then right click on your printer go to properties, main and change the default to draft (or whatever setting you like) Mine is an epson and set to Speed as opposed to Quality.

  Cosmic Guerilla 00:22 06 Mar 03

Hi Budgie100, this probably won't help, but just in case ....

When you say that "the printer is set to print in draft mode" - have you accessed the printer separately outside of excel and set it permanently to draft mode?

i.e. If you just set it to draft via excel (say during your first print job) once that print job finishes it will then go back to the default.

i.e. If you want it to print in draft for all excel and word etc jobs then access the printer settings whilst not in any other package and change them permanently (or until all jobs printed).

I am sure you know that already but I thought I would post this just in case. If you have done this and it still doesn't sort out your problem, then sorry, I am flummoxed as well.

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