Problem Printer Sharing

  D@z© 14:37 PM 18 Apr 12

I have a thermal printer in my office which I want to share on a network. It is installed fine on the local printer and I can print to it ok from that (so all connections, wires are ok). I have shared it etc on the network and I can see it when adding it on another PC. I try printing to it and it is sent to the printer and is in the queue but it just wont print, it says 'error - printing paused'. What could it be? Thanks.

  northumbria61 16:15 PM 18 Apr 12

Open Start>Control Panel>Printers & Faxes and double click your printer. Find the print job that is paused, right click it and select restart. If it doesn't print within about 5 minutes, go back to Printers & Faxes and cancel (stop, delete, whatever it takes to make it go away :), turn off your printer and turn it on again, and then reopen whatever you wanted to print and do it again.

  D@z© 16:17 PM 18 Apr 12

I have tried all those things you suggested already.

  northumbria61 16:29 PM 18 Apr 12

Have you checked to see if your Printer is "Offline" ?

  Woolwell 17:03 PM 18 Apr 12

Drivers installed on the other computer?

  D@z© 07:34 AM 19 Apr 12

Yes the most up to date drivers are installed on both PCs and it is not 'offline'. Any more suggestions?

  KRONOS the First 08:36 AM 19 Apr 12

Anything here? Printer problems.


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