Problem with Positioning Graphics and Text

  KevinT 13:13 05 Apr 06

Hi, I have created several web pages using Frontpage 2003 without doing anything in the beginning to affect the viewing size of the pages. If I look at my pages with my screen it looks perfect, however on a larger screen, the graphics and text go all over the place. Also if the screen is reduced down in size with the explorer "reduce down" button, the graphics, buttons and text are all jumbled on top of each other. Now, I have explored using tables to position everything, but there seems to be a lot of confusion on whether to use absolute positioning or not use it.
1. Do I have to start over and use a table? Is this the only fix for this?
2. Can I not just set the screen viewing size to 800 pixels and then position all my graphics and text within this size? Or will I still have the same problem of things flying around the page on a different screen? I have experimented with this and it seems to work, but it all has to do with absolute position or no absolute position.
3. I have read it is very difficult to position graphics into tables.

  Tabvla 09:11 07 Apr 06

Assuming that your site is going to be on the www and not just for personal use, you need to set it up in such a way that viewing it will be a good experience for most vistors. It is virtually impossible to create a site that will render perfectly on all equipment and in all versions of all browsers. So the next best is to aim for the greatest possible audience. If your site renders well in IEv6 Firefox v1.5 and Opera v8 then you will be accommodating most visitors.

Laying out a site using Tables was the default way of doing things before CSS, and is still used by many professional developers. Positioning graphics using Tables is not difficult. For a simple site (e.g a family site with pics of your kids or your last holiday) this is probably still the most practical way to go.

If you intend to build a number of sites or even earn a living from website development then you should learn CSS and you should layout your site using CSS. You will probably still find that you will occasionally "cheat" and use a small table for a little layout job, but CSS is really the way forward.

If you are just starting in CSS then this is the best place to learn click here

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