Problem with pop ups

  Graphicool1 06 Jan 13

Win 7

Hi I'm using Ad Blocker, but when my cursor passes over random blue underlined words, on many web sites, I get the following pop-up...

'Win the new iphone 5 click here'

I'm fed up with this now. I have clicked on it to see where it took me and it appears to be genuin. But I'm getting fed up with it now, if it just popped up as I passed over the word then went, it wouldn't be so bad, annoying but I could live with it. But it doesn't, once it's popped up, it stays there until I click on the 'X'. It's run by this company...CLICK HERE

  Graphicool1 06 Jan 13

PS After I posted my above qestion I noted that the three words 'the new iphone' are in red and underlined. So I hovered my cursor over them and I now get...

Attention! Congratulations, you are todays iphone5 winner! Click 'Yes' button below to claim before time runs out.

  rdave13 06 Jan 13

Have a look here, How To Remove Text Enhance.

  rdave13 06 Jan 13

For some reason the link goes down to Chrome so please scroll up to the top.

  Graphicool1 06 Jan 13

Hi rdave13

Thanx for that, I'll get right on it. Cheers mate

  Graphicool1 07 Jan 13

rdave13 & Jock1e

Hi guys

The ad blocker I'm using is called...'AdBlockPlus'

However I'm just reporting back to give 'rdave13' an update. I tried the link you gave me, but the problem I was having wasn't the same as the problem that they were solving. Although I did run MBAM just in case, but as expected it didn't find anything and neither did SAS. I tracked down the culprit to a programme called 'VidSaver', that I'd recently installed in FireFox. I uninstalled the software and all is now ok. Cheers guys

  rdave13 07 Jan 13

Graphicool1, as Jock1e, good you're sorted. In the link I gave it shows a list and Vid-Saver extension as one of the possible culprit programs among many.


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