Problem with PCA?

  octal 18:31 PM 10 Dec 11

Is anyone else getting this problem on PCA using Google Chrome, the adverts that should be visible either side are not visible and there isn't a scrollbar to see them, this is a screenshot.

The other browsers, Opera and Firefox have scrollbars, but it seems a bit strange having to use the scrollbars to view an advert, it's a bit self defeating.

  birdface 18:40 PM 10 Dec 11

If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse hold down ctrl and turn the wheel at the same time till it fits properly on the screen.

See if that helps.

  octal 18:53 PM 10 Dec 11

I agree you could do that, the problem is you need a microscope to read the text when you scroll out. I don't have to do that to another site I visit on the web.

  birdface 19:02 PM 10 Dec 11

It is ok using Firefox so not sure what the problem is with Chrome.

  octal 19:11 PM 10 Dec 11

This is the screen-shot when I make it fit the screen.

  TonyV 19:24 PM 10 Dec 11


I have a copy of the latest Chrome, which I only use on occasions, and the scroll bars are there OK. In IE9, I do not have the adverts showing. and still the scroll bars are there. Is it something to do with your settings for Chrome? If it was OK a few days ago, why not go for a system restore to recover the situation?


  octal 20:28 PM 10 Dec 11

TonyV, not with Linux, it doesn't work the same as Windows, thanks anyway. I'll tick this thread and just ignore Google Chrome and use one of my other browsers.

  TonyV 23:06 PM 10 Dec 11


Didn't realise you were on Linux. I know nothing about it! But as a matter of interest, I tried the Chrome one again just now and cannot be doing with adverts on PCA playing music to me when I open the Home Page. I don't get it on IE9, so, me thinks, Chrome will be vanishing again soon!!




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